AI camera

AI camera introduction:
AI is the meaning of artificial intelligence. AI camera means that the camera can automatically recognize the shooting scene, choose different processing methods according to different scenes, different filters, different exposure combinations to get the best picture effect.The scenes supported by AI Eyes are: portraits, beaches, blue sky, sunrise and sunset, food, flowers, green plants, snow, night scenes, text, stage, cats, dogs. When the above scene is recognized, the color and brightness of the camera are automatically adjusted to make the imaging better.

The development of AI cameras:
With the development of technology, the way people take pictures has also changed a lot. Not long ago, Mi Jia launched the Little Magic AI camera, a magical camera artifact. The development of AI cameras is a new technology. For AI cameras, the biggest feature is that users can control gestures and expressions to control photos. The user can control the AI camera to take a photo by simply facing the camera and making a gesture without having to operate the shutter button. This design is very practical for many people. At present, although artificial intelligence technology has slowly penetrated into various fields, artificial intelligence smart cameras as an emerging high-tech technology, this technology will have great development in the future, which is a phenomenon worth looking forward to.

Post time: Aug-06-2019
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