Battery Camera

The battery camera can be connected to a wireless network connection.The battery camera a rechargeable battery. There is low power consumption and energy saving technology.

The Micro SD slot can support the insertion of a 32G card to record the movement detected.

The battery camera has intelligent motion sensor alarm and intelligent motion detection alarm. The smart motion sensors can receive real-time activity alerts and push notifications.The battery camera works with app to detect moving objects.

The battery camera has motion detection function, which can identify every potential risk accurately and send it to you immediately.

The battery camera has high-definition 1080p images, video and two-way audio.The battery camera has a built-in microphone and speakers that allow you to talk to others anytime and anywhere.

The battery camera has high waterproof rating with a silicone shell. It is more suitable for outdoor use.

The dynamic alerts can be set on the phone.All movement detected will be recorded on a Micro SD card.

The battery camera can be connected to multiple devices. You can share it with your family. Then you can watch the video from the camera at the same time.

Post time: May-22-2020
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