Brief description of smart camera

Smart Camera is not a simple camera, but a highly integrated micro-small machine vision system. It integrates image acquisition, processing, and communication functions into a single camera, thereby providing a versatile, modular, highly reliable, and easy-to-implement machine vision solution.
At the same time, due to the application of the latest DSP, FPGA and large-capacity storage technology, its intelligence has been continuously improved, which can meet the needs of a variety of machine vision applications.
Brief description of smart camera
The smart camera is generally composed of an image acquisition unit, an image processing unit, an image processing software, and a network communication device. The functions of each part are as follows:
• Image acquisition unit
In a smart camera, the image acquisition unit is equivalent to a CCD / CMOS camera and an image acquisition card in the ordinary sense. It converts the optical image into an analog / digital image and outputs it to the image processing unit.
• Image processing unit
The image processing unit is similar to an image acquisition / processing card. It can store the image data of the image acquisition unit in real time and perform image processing with the support of image processing software.
• Image processing software
The image processing software mainly completes the image processing functions with the support of the hardware environment of the image processing unit. Such as geometric edge extraction, Blob, gray histogram, OCV / OVR, one-dimensional code / two-dimensional code, simple positioning and searching. In smart cameras, the above algorithms are packaged as fixed modules, which can be applied directly by the user without programming.
Network communication deviceThe important part of the smart camera of the network communication device mainly completes the communication tasks of control information and image data. Smart cameras generally have built-in Ethernet communication devices and support multiple standard network and bus protocols, so that multiple smart cameras form a larger machine vision system.

1. Compact structure, high integration, stable performance, low failure rate, and computing power equivalent to PC.
2. The working process can be completely separated from the PC, and it is convenient to connect with other equipment on the production line.
3. Can output SVGA or SXGA video images directly on the monitor or monitor.
4. Provide a basic image processing library that can be used for secondary development at the source level.
5. Adjustable gain, controllable electronic shutter, global exposure, shutter time can be set by software.
6. It can perform precise external synchronization control on exposure time and exposure time.
7. Support external trigger and external flash interface.
8. comes with multiple digital I / O, 100MB Ethernet, RS232 port interface.

Post time: Dec-26-2019
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