Definition and working principle of intelligent surveillance camera

Introduction of smart camera
Along with the development of the society, people safety consciousness rises ceaselessly, fireproof guard against theft, old and young nurse to wait to have more and more attention, then somebody installed intelligence to defend a system to oneself in the home. Intelligent security camera in the security system equivalent to the eyes, the importance of visible. This article mainly introduces the knowledge of intelligent security camera.
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Definition of smart camera
First of all, the term smart camera is different from the traditional camera, which is usually used for video recording, Internet chat and other applications.
And the smart camera is to add some additional hardware and software integration functions on the basis of the traditional camera functions, to meet some special, pointing clearly to the scene application, such as intelligent security monitoring, intelligent home care and so on.
Smart camera in general are more complex with traditional camera hardware configuration, the hardware selection such as sensors, camera and image processing chips can choose according to specific application scenarios of the special and custom, such as intelligent security cameras will be pay attention to the anti-dazzle, immunity, waterproof, night vision, etc., the intelligent home care will be pay attention to perspective, resolution, video compression, real-time, automatic video, news feeds, etc.
In addition, smart cameras generally have the need to connect to the Internet. Whether it is smart monitoring or smart care, we can use our phones, tablets or PCS to see what’s going on in our homes.
In this way, no matter whether you are in the company or working outside, you can be free from time and geographical restrictions. Only when you are connected to the Internet, you can check everything at home at any time. Some smart cameras also have smart push function.
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How smart cameras work
We also need to start with the structure of the smart camera. As we know, the key components of the smart camera include Lens Module, Sensor and DSP, which is commonly referred to as CPU.
Some security monitoring will use autofocus function, it will take to the voice coil motor (VCM), promote the lens to achieve auto-focus function, cost slightly more expensive, and require special processor control can be realized, home care use smart cameras are generally fixed focus camera, also never use autofocus, again to be connected to the module, the general is the built-in WIFi module, for example RTL8188 relatively economical shipments.
Smart camera imaging process is to optical signal digital process, the scenery through the LENS (LENS) generated by the optical image projected onto the image SENSOR (SENSOR) on the surface, and then converted to electrical signals, after A/D (analog-to-digital conversion) converted into digital image signal, and then sent to the Backend IC processing in digital signal processing (DSP) chip, this part and traditional camera no difference. The processed audio and video data can be stored on a local SD card, transferred to a computer via a USB interface, or uploaded over the Internet by binding to a cloud storage space.
No matter where you are, as long as there is a network, you can see the scene captured by the camera through your phone or computer at any time. You can also use real-time voice when necessary, and you can also set the message push. Once the scene captured by the camera is triggered, the message will be automatically pushed to the bound mobile phone or computer terminal via the Internet.

Post time: Jan-03-2020
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