Fisheye Camera

Fisheye camera application:
A fisheye camera is actually a lens with a short focal length and a viewing angle close to or equal to 180°. The Fisheye Camera is a wide-angle lens that enables a wide range of panoramic cameras without dead angle monitoring. The obvious feature of the fisheye camera is that it supports multiple display modes, high-definition screen, and infrared night vision function, which can be monitored both day and night. Due to its characteristics, the fisheye camera can be used in applications where it is only necessary to monitor the entire site without the need for details. For example, traffic pivots and traffic intersections only need to install a fisheye camera at the commanding height to achieve panoramic monitoring. . Because the fisheye camera can achieve no dead angle monitoring, such as banks, supermarkets and other places can also be used.





Post time: Sep-11-2019
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