How to install wireless doorbell camera ?

With the development of modern information technology, there are more and more insecurity factors, and more and more people install doorbell cameras in their homes.

Doorbells cameras are divided into wireless doorbell cameras and wired  doorbell cameras. Today, we take a look at the installation method of the wireless doorbell camera.

It is best to install it in a place that is not exposed to wind and rain. The choice of location should take into account the minimum obstacles between the doorbell camera and the indoor unit.

If there are obstacles, the signal will be weakened. After placing it, adjust it according to the signal strength of the indoor unit. The recommended installation height is 1.3-1.8 meters.

Open the screws at the bottom of the doorbell camera, take out the hanging shell, and fix the hanging shell with rubber plugs and screws.

Choose power-off unlocking or power-on unlocking to connect the unlocking cable and unlocking power supply. The user should select the unlocking power supply according to the power of the electric lock, and set the unlocking time according to the electric lock parameters.

Post time: Aug-12-2020
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