IP Security Camera

The  installation of IP security camera

Today, surveillance systems are already ubiquitous, and they have entered every aspect of everyday life. In particular, the IP security camera only needs to have an IP address, a network cable, a switch, etc., through the storage device, can view the monitoring image, and also supports remote viewing through the network IP. So what should you pays attention to during the installation process of the IP security surveillance camera?

1. Camera installation location
The location of the installation is an important consideration for surveillance cameras. Therefore, the choice of the installation location should avoid interference with the surrounding environment. Otherwise, both the protection of the camera and the monitoring angle of the device will have a bad influence.

2. Mounting angle of the camera
Most common cameras are in the shape of a cylinder, and the mounting method is wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. Therefore, the installation of surveillance cameras, angle issues are very important. When installing the camera outdoors, the camera should be protected from direct sunlight. When installing indoors, avoid direct sunlight. Therefore, it is best not to install the backlight. In addition, the installation of the surveillance camera must be strong to prevent camera shake. Especially cameras installed outdoors, because there are many factors of outdoor uncertainty.

3. Mounting height of the camera
The installation height of the IP security camera should be moderate. Otherwise, if the installation is too high, it is not convenient for post-maintenance. If the installation is too low, it will be subject to human damage.

4. The security of the camera
This is for the camera installed outdoors, not only to be waterproof, but also to pay special attention to lightning protection, to solve the waterproof problem of the camera, you can install a waterproof box under the surveillance camera, and place the power supply and connector Inside the waterproof case. In addition, in areas prone to lightning strikes, video lightning protection.



Post time: Nov-07-2019
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