Night Vision Camera

The principle of night vision camera
In modern, technologically advanced life, it takes 24 hours to monitor in many places, but for environmental reasons, some equipment cannot monitor the area properly and clearly at night. Especially in place where there are few people, the night vision camera must be used. So, how does night vision camera did “night vision”?

In fact, the night vision cameras currently used are basically infrared night vision cameras. The infrared night vision cameras are monitored by infrared light. Although the infrared light is not observed by the naked eye, the objects will reflect the infrared light. The night vision camera uses the infrared emitting device on camera to emit infrared light waves externally. When these light waves are projected onto the object to be monitored, reflections are generated, which are captured by the infrared receiving device. This is the working principle of the night vision camera.



Post time: Oct-24-2019
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