WiFi Alarm Camera

In the era of intelligence, many products are catering to the development trend. Today, camera products continue to innovate, alarm cameras, doorbell cameras, etc., WiFi alarm cameras are also one of them, and now slowly welcomed by consumers, from it Since being introduced to the market, it has already entered many families. The WiFi alarm camera is a camera that can connect to the WiFi network and find an alarm in the abnormal process during the monitoring process. So, what is the working principle of it?

For example, when the WiFi alarm camera is turned on and enters the working state, the built-in chip compares the number of frames of the currently monitored picture. If the displayed picture does not match the previous frame picture data, the built-in chip of the camera The alarm function will be activated automatically. This is how the alarm camera works.

Usually, this kind of camera also has the function of remote monitoring. If there is an abnormal situation in the home, an alarm message is sent to the user’s mobile phone. Therefore, choosing a WiFi alarm camera, the sensitivity of the alarm is an important reference factor. Of course, there are usually intelligent cameras, most of which support screen partitioning and sensitivity parameter settings, which can effectively avoid false alarms.



Post time: Oct-17-2019
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