WiFi Doorbell Camera


In the era of the Internet, the development of intelligence has been accelerating. Therefore, various smart products are constantly being updated, giving people more choices. Recently, a wifi doorbell camera has begun to receive attention.

The WiFi doorbell camera is an intelligent doorbell that can be used as a camera and quickly view visitors or capture visitors through the APP anytime, anywhere. With remote monitoring function, the wifi doorbell camera receiver can be placed at the network coverage, such as the kitchen. Washroom, bedroom, etc.
The function of the WiFi doorbell camera is reflected in the fact that when someone passes outside the door, it will receive a reminder on the corresponding application. As for the clarity of the photo or video, the image quality is acceptable in most cases. Under normal circumstances, the doorbell is pressed. Visitors will go to the doorbell’s camera, reducing the difficulty of camera photography and video recording. The doorbell’s buttons are similar to the camera’s shutter, and will automatically take a photo when the guest presses it so that it can be viewed on the corresponding device. Usually the mobile phone will receive a notification, the receiver will ring, and the doorbell itself will sound to give feedback. If you ring the doorbell, a video request will be made.




The appearance of the WiFi doorbell camera design has added a line of defense for the safety of the residents, making the living safe and worry-free. In addition, the wifi doorbell camera is simple to install, and the battery life mode ensures the loopability of the doorbell camera.



Post time: Oct-11-2019
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