Wireless Camera for Home

The safety of the home has always been very important to people. The wireless camera for home is plug-in-free and has a long battery life.It has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which can achieve long standby in an environment that is not frequently awakened.
The wireless connection eliminates the cumbersomeness of traditional wiring. After the camera is connected to the wireless WIFI and bound to the mobile phone, it can be remotely monitored in real time on the mobile phone, which can achieve convenient wireless connection and beautiful living environment.
Ther is no need to connect to other devices, only a memory card, you can watch the video and playback, and you can also record normally when the network is disconnected.
It has powerful two-way voice intercom function, stable and clear, coupled with a wide-angle high-definition lens and all-round detection.
When a moving object is detected on the monitoring screen, the mobile phone will receive an alarm message, and the thief will break in and be notified immediately. At the same time, there can be video recordings to keep evidence in time.
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Post time: Oct-31-2020
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